Protect Your Home From Pest This Fall

We all hate seeing pests inside our home. In the fall it seems that there are even more pests trying to get inside. This is because fall is the time of year where insects seek out warm places to overwinter and lay eggs. To prevent your home from being a bug refuge over the winter follow these tips to protect your home from fall pests.

One way to keep fall pests at bay is by trimming tree branches away from your  West Chester, PA home.

Keep Tree Branches From Your House

Rodents and squirrels will be looking for places to sleep this winter and your cozy home is better than any tree or frozen hole in the ground. If you have trees with branches that are close to or hang over your house they could be used as bridges for squirrels to gain entry. Trim back branches to eliminate this possible entryway.

Move Firewood Outside

There’s nothing like a warm fire to sit around in the winter but did you know that firewood you have stacked up can contain insects that can infest your home. Left outside, insects like crickets, ants, termites, centipedes, and many others make their home in old dead wood. When you bring that wood indoors it’s like a Trojan horse. Only bring wood inside that you intend to burn immediately and store it outside at least 20 feet from your home to discourage wandering insects.

Clean Up The Outside of Your Home

Pests are attracted to damp, dark areas such as mulch, leaf piles, standing water, and grass clippings. Make sure you follow proper lawn maintenance techniques to keep debris out of your yard and especially away from the foundation of your house.

Don't let fall pests infest your Reading, PA home this year; check your screens and doors for any cracks or tears.

Seal Doors and Windows

Insects can wiggle their little bodies through any tiny crack or gap so inspect and repair any cracks in windows and doors and make sure your screens are intact. Use screen meshes that are at least 200 holes per square inch for maximum protection.

Caulk cracks and gaps on the exterior of your home that pests could squeeze through. Inspect the foundation for cracks and check the roof for missing shingles and gaps where utility lines enter the house.

Replace Your Lights

Keeping your outdoor light on is an open invitation for insects. If you are letting out a dog or expecting a visitor you could also be letting in mosquitos, moths, and other pests. But don’t worry, you don’t have to leave everyone in the dark. Switch out your bulbs with bug lights. Bug lights give off a different wavelength of light that insects are not attracted to. This way you can protect your home and keep it lit up at the same time.

Move Garbage Out And Store Food Properly

Insects have an acute sense of smell and if you have dirty dishes, garbage, or food sitting out it will only encourage fall pests to gain entry to your house. Store your garbage in the garage when necessary and store all open food such as cereals and sweets in plastic storage containers.

Get A Pest Control Barrier

At Showcase Lawn Works we have been serving the folks of New Holland, Pennsylvania for nearly 20 years. With over a century of combined experience, we know how to deal with pests. We can keep your home protected this fall with our perimeter pest control barrier that will stop any insect dead in their tracks.

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