Give the Gift of a Green 2020 With a Lawn Care Program From Showcase Lawn Works

This holiday season, let’s focus on the future. You can help someone special set their year up for success and relaxation. With a lawn care program from Showcase Lawn Works, you’ll be giving the gift of a green 2020. Here are a few reasons why a lawn care program from Showcase Lawn Works is the greenest gift of the year.

A 6-Step Lawn Care Schedule

One of the most important components of lawn care is having a consistent schedule of regular applications. When choosing the lawn care program from Showcase Lawn Works, you’ll get just that. Our comprehensive lawn care program includes 6 perfectly-timed applications throughout the year. Every 4-6 weeks, one of our lawn experts will come out and treat the lawn. By keeping the lawn on a consistent schedule, we’ll be able to take care of the lawn’s seasonal needs. As a result, we’ll be building a healthy foundation for the lawn to encourage strong growth and beautiful color.

Personalized Organic-Based Fertilizing

Every lawn care program from Showcase Lawn Works begins with an initial soil pH test. From here, we’re able to determine the essential needs of the individual lawn. Because of this, we’re able to use our special, organic-based fertilizer to directly target those needs. Ultimately, regular treatments help promote fast and strong root growth. This foundational strength will help improve the look of the lawn while keeping it at optimal health throughout the year. A healthy lawn with all of its needs met will help prevent problems like insect infestations, lawn disease, and even weeds.

Our Weed-Free Guarantee

Get a green 2020 with effective weed control from Showcase Lawn Works here in Lititz, PA.
Weed control is one of the most important components of an effective lawn care program. That’s why we put a central focus on establishing a weed-free lawn here at Showcase Lawn Works. With consistent weed control throughout all of our applications, weeds won’t be able to find an easy opportunity to invade the lawn. Pre-emergent weed control in the spring prevents weeds from sprouting, providing a weed-free start to the year. Regular crabgrass control keeps this opportunistic weed out of the lawn, freeing the grass from stressful competition. Broadleaf weed control helps manage and eliminate broadleaf weeds like dandelions. In the end, our weed-free guarantee ensures complete satisfaction. If satisfaction is not met, we’ll come out between the scheduled applications and to correct the issue.

Showcase Lawn Works Can Help You Give the Gift of a Green 2020

You can give someone special the gift of a green 2020 with the help of Showcase Lawn Works. Our 6-Step Lawn Care Program will provide tailored feeding and weed control on a consistent schedule. Ultimately, the lawn will be stronger, healthier, and greener.

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