Ephrata, PA


Ephrata, PA

Ephrata is a town with deep historic and religious significance in the colonial days of Pennsylvania. Ephrata is proud of its cultural diversity, which is still represented today in many Dutch and Amish traditions. The surrounding farmlands mix with deep historic roots to create a unique small-town destination that anyone would be proud to call home. Today, modern Ephrata provides an eclectic mosaic of local restaurants, shops, Amish handicrafts, and other exciting things to see.

Green Dragon Farmers Market

If you’re in the mood for fresh and local wares, then you can’t miss out on one of the biggest farmers markets in Lancaster County. Open every Friday, the Green Dragon is your one-stop shop for pretty much anything. Whether it’s Amish made furniture, arts and crafts, lights and lighting fixtures, kitchenware, cookware, antiques, games, statues, lawn ornaments, food, and auctions. You name it and the Green Dragon probably has a vendor that sells it. This is a great family friendly place to spend your Friday afternoons.

Ephrata Cloister

Ephrata was originally home to America’s first communal religious society. The Ephrata Cloister is an eighteenth-century monastery founded by German settlers seeking spiritual freedom. They formed a community where they all worked together for the greater good by farming and making clothes. Today the Ephrata Cloister is a National Historic Landmark and is open for tours, school trips, and educational programs that invite guests to explore the community’s unique spiritual and cultural heritage you won’t read about in the history books. The museum’s programs pay tribute and educate visitors on Pennsylvania’s long history of religious freedom and tolerance.

Ephrata Lawn Care

Keeping your Ephrata lawn well-maintained can be a lot of work, especially if you have a large property. This takes away precious time that could be spent doing the things that you’d rather be doing. Don’t waste your valuable free time doing even more work, get quality lawn care from Showcase Lawn Works and notice the difference.

Lawn Care Program

Our program consists of a six-step fertilization and weed control program every 4-6 weeks. We strategically target weeds while feeding your lawn the right balance of organic-based fertilizer so your grass can grow thick and strong.

Additional Services in the Lawn Care Program

  • Core aeration
  • Lime application
  • Grub Control
  • Soil testing

All Your Landscaping Needs

At Showcase we take care of heavy-duty work such as: laying mulch, planting trees and shrubs, seasonal cleanup, and more.

Trees and Shrubs

Here at Showcase Lawn Works, we off a six-step program of fertilizers and pest control to make sure your trees and shrubs don’t fall victim to pests or disease. We also offer deep root fertilization, dormant oil application, and winter burn treatment.

Mosquito/ Flea and Tick Control

Enjoying your yard this summer means not being bothered by annoying pests like mosquitos, fleas, and ticks. Get the Showcase mosquito, flea, and tick control to make sure you and your pets won’t be bothered this year.

Perimeter Pest Control

With our perimeter pest control program, we can prevent insects from getting in your house all year by applying a liquid barrier around your foundation that will deter those creepy-crawlies from entering.

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