Tree and Shrub


Tree and Shrub

Showcase Lawn Works knows that your trees, shrubs, and hedges are important investments to your landscape. After all, you plant them with the foresight of knowing that they will be around for decades or generations. Trees and shrubs require different approaches than your lawns and they face different challenges from pests, drought, stress, and disease. It’s our job to make sure your investments are properly protected so you can enjoy them for years to come.

We know that trees are more than just ornamental. They also:

Clean the air.
Provide shelter for wildlife.
Provide shade in the summer.

Did you know that if you strategically plant trees and shrubs around your house, the shade can make your house up to 10 degrees cooler?

The health of your trees, shrubs, and hedges are important, that’s why if you team up with Showcase you’ll get our innovative 6-step tree and shrub care program that’s guaranteed to make your trees flourish and boost their strength so they can fend off diseases and fungi. With our program, you will receive a visit from one of our tree care technicians every 4-6 weeks to ensure maximum results.

Showcase Lawn Works Tree and Shrub Program

Consists of 6 visits spaced out every 4-6 weeks.

  • Visit 1:

    Our program begins with a spring fertilizer to wake up your trees, shrubs, and groundcovers using a granular fertilizer that provides essential nutrients.

  • Visit 2:

    Inspect for and treat diseases and spray for insects as needed utilizing Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

  • Visit 3:

    During the third visit, we will continue to check for insects and spray if necessary.

  • Visit 4:

    We continue to defend your trees with another pest inspection and preventative application as needed.

  • Visit 5:

    Final round of insect and turf disease application.

  • Visit 6:

    During our final visit to your property, we will apply a winter fertilizer to get your plants prepared for the cold months and to give them a boost in the spring.

For larger trees, we use a liquid injection and for smaller trees and shrubs we utilize a granular fertilizer.

Optional Programs

For even more tree care protection, we offer:

  • Deep Root Fertilization: Pressurized injections of fertilizer right where your tree needs it, the roots. This eliminates runoff and competition from other plants that you’d get with traditional fertilizers.
  • Dormant Oil Application: Dormant oil is applied to kill soft-bodied insects, such as aphids, mites, and scales, from infesting your trees and shrubs over the winter. Dormant oil is applied to the trunks of trees and smothers any insects residing there. Applying dormant oil will also prevent these insects from laying eggs on your trees and shrubs which could cause a real problem in the spring when they hatch.
  • Winter Burn Treatment: During photosynthesis, when plants gather solar energy for food, they release water called transpiration. This water is evaporated through the leaves and when a plant cannot replace the transpired water because the ground is frozen they will dehydrate. This can result in foliar loss and even death in some cases. Winter burn treatment minimizes the damage to the leaves of evergreens such as Boxwoods, Hollies, Rhododendrons, and Pines during the harsh winter months

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Additional Services

When it comes to lawn care, we strive to use the latest and greatest products that are both beneficial to the environment and your wallet.

Aeration/ Overseeding

Aeration/ Overseeding

Aeration and overseeding are fast and effective methods of restoring or establishing new lawns. Aeration helps reduce soil compaction and thatch buildup so your grass can get oxygen, water, and nutrients to its roots. You can combine with our overseeding program to bolster the strength of your grass to be hardier against, pests, diseases, and weeds.

lime application

lime application

Here in Southeast Pennsylvania, our soil tends to lean towards the acidic side. Most types of grass grow best in soil with a pH balance around 7. When pH falls below 5 it can greatly reduce the growth of your grass. At Showcase, our lawn technicians will test your soil pH to determine the amount of lime and the number of applications needed to properly balance your pH to bring your soil acidity levels to the proper range of 7.

Grub Control

Grub Control

Grubs are the number one culprit for lawn damage in Pennsylvania. These insects live under the soil and feed on the roots of your grass, causing it to brown and die. That’s not the only issue with grubs. They are also a staple food for moles, raccoons, skunks, and birds who won’t hesitate to rip up your turf to get at these tasty worms. For our area, late June and July is the ideal time to treat your lawn to prevent grubs. At Showcase, we have years of experience battling grubs with our granular grub killer and preventative applications. Contact us today to speak with a lawn care technician to discuss a program that will eliminate grubs and prevent further damage to your lawn.

Mosquito, Flea & Tick Control

Mosquito, Flea & Tick Control

Are you tired of battling mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks in the summer? It can seem like a never-ending battle but with our special treatment program, we can eliminate the threat of these annoying insects with an outdoor perimeter spray that will kill the bugs on contact. For best results, our lawn technicians will make 4 visits throughout the spring, summer, and fall to ensure your yard is safe from these invasive insects.