Fall Lawn Care Tips for Your Pennsylvania Lawn

Autumn has just begun here in Pennsylvania and that typically means cooler temperatures and shorter nights. Once the leaves begin to shift and change to their magical colors, that means old man winter is just around the corner. Taking time to get your yard prepared now for the cooler weather will save you time and money next spring. Here’s a list of the top fall lawn care tips to set up your lawn for success and get it ready for the white stuff ahead.

Trim and Prune

During the growth season, our trees, shrubs, and plantings can get a bit out of control. Always include trimming and pruning in your fall cleanup efforts. Cut back any branches that are close to the house and could cause damage in a storm. You’ll also want to eliminate any dead limbs on branches and cut back the overgrowth as well. If you have blooming perennials in your gardens, take the time to prune them now, so they are ready to come springtime. 


Give your ornamental landscapes, beds, and gardens an added layer of warmth this fall. Mulching along the base of trees and throughout decorative beds can help protect your plantings from the cold as well as pests, and diseases throughout the frigid temperatures. 

Consistent Lawn Mowing

Here in Pennsylvania, most of our lawns are made up of cool-season grasses. That means your grass will continue to grow up until the first hard freeze of the season. Until that first hard freeze, you will need to continue mowing your lawn. To give your lawn a healthy foundation, try to keep it mowed to a consistent height. Mowing your lawn will also help keep your leaf litter to a minimum. Remember to only mow over your leaves when they’re dry and crunchy. You’ll be creating a nutritious mulch to give back to your lawn.

Leaf Clean-Up

Raking, the bane of every homeowner with one too many trees, is everyone’s least favorite fall lawn care chore. Unfortunately, whether you choose to rake, to leaf blow, to mow and bag, or to mulch, the bottom line is: leaf removal is important and beneficial to your lawn. An excess of wet, matted, piles of leaves on your lawn can spell disaster for the grass beneath. From lawn fungus to overwintering pests, there really isn’t a benefit to leaving the leaves for later.

Remove Debris

All those leaves, twigs, branches, and various other debris that have fallen into your beds and gardens make an ideal home for pests throughout the winter. Piles of organic matter can also decompose, leaving your lawn susceptible to disease and fungus once the temperature begins to drop. Remove all fallen debris from your lawn to help fortify your property against unwanted guests and illnesses this winter. 

Give Your Lawn a Boost with Aeration

The best way to give your lawn a boost going is with lawn aeration services. Fall is actually the best time to aerate your cool-season lawn.  All the hours spent outside in the yard playing in the summer sunshine can take its toll. By the end of the season, our lawns are often riddled with thatch and compacted soil. Aeration strengthens your grass and will help ease the transfer of nutrients, air, and water down to your roots. 

Get Help From the Professionals

Fall lawn care will help create a foundation of health for your lawn while giving it a boost going into the winter. At Showcase Lawn Works, our landscaping services include seasonal cleanup, debris removal, pruning, and mulching. We also provide aeration services in the fall. Contact us online now or give us a call at 717-354-3226. To get to know us on a more personal level, visit our Facebook page.