Soil Testing - Get a Healthy Lawn From the Ground Up

Soil Testing

Your soil needs to be able to provide nutrients to your lawn and plants. Having the right balance in your soil’s pH (level of acidity) will allow your grass and plants to flourish. Getting a soil test will offer valuable information on how to enhance your lawn, plants, and garden. (These tests can be performed on lawns, gardens, and farms.) A soil test reveals the levels of phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. With this information in hand, a determination can be made if the soil needs lime and fertilizer or if it has too much. When the pH is too high, many nutrients may become less available. On the other hand, if your soil’s pH is too low, this deficiency can cause toxicity and harm the health of your lawn and plants. Request a free quote today.

Test Process
Soil testing can be done at any time of the year before fertilizer is put down (except when the ground is frozen). For a thorough, comprehensive soil test, several soil plugs (about the size of a thumb) are pulled for analysis. After the results are calculated, recommendations will be made for achieving the correct level for optimum grass and plant growth. Testing should be done every one to three years because soil can change with rain, snow, ice, and leaves – even too wet or too dry of conditions can alter the pH of your soil.

Test Results
Test results normally are back within four to five days. Showcase gets a copy of the report and a copy goes directly to the customer. After receiving the test results, Showcase follows up with a phone call to offer a full explanation along with recommendations for steps to be taken. With healthy soil, you are on the right path to have a successful lawn.

The professionals at Showcase Lawn Works will collect your soil for testing, send it off for analysis, interpret the results, and make recommendations for how to help your lawn and property be its healthiest.

We go above and beyond to make your property a Showcase.

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