The Best Maple Trees to Plant in Pennsylvania

The first image that comes to people’s minds when they think of maple trees is delicious, dripping, maple syrup. Here in Pennsylvania, we have a variety of different maple trees that make up our rich and diverse forests. Maples are a favorite among homeowners because of their rapid growth, beautiful shapes, and of course for the cool shade they provide in the hot summers. Here is a list of the best maples to plant in Pennsylvania. 

Silver Maple

Silver maples are great for showing off your yard. Don’t be fooled by their name. Silver maples aren’t actually silver. The leaves are green but the undersides are white, making it shimmer like silver when the wind blows. Growing to heights of 50 to 75 feet and 45 feet wide, the silver maple is a great shade tree to keep your deck and backyard cool during the heat of the summer. Plant these maples in areas with plenty of direct sunlight and plenty of room to grow. They are not fussy about soil quality and can recover quickly from wind damage.

Sugar Maple

If you enjoy syrup on your pancakes in the morning then you have the sugar maple to thank. These gentle giants can make a huge statement in your landscapes. They can soar to 75 feet tall and 50 feet wide. They grow in nice thick, naturally rounded shapes that provide plenty of shade. Sugar maples also make easy climbing trees for adventurous children. In the fall you will thank yourself for planting this tree. Not only can you tap the tree and collect your own maple syrup, but you also get to experience an autumn show of yellows, reds, and burning oranges.

Striped Maples

The striped maple is a much smaller tree that resembles more of a shrub than a tree. It grows between 10 and 25 feet tall and can be identified by the usual three-lobed leaves that are characteristic of maples. Striped Maple bark is green and smooth. It has long white or pale vertical lines running up and down the trunk. As the tree matures, the bark turns reddish-brown with dark lines. While this tree doesn’t cut it as a shade tree, it can be used to attract all sorts of wildlife to your yard, including whitetail deer, moose, and the black-throated blue warbler. 

Red Maple

Not to be confused for the crimson king, red maples are not actually red at all. They are named for the brilliant shades of red it puts on display in the fall. These trees have smaller leaves but still grow up to 70 feet tall and provide ample shade for any back yard or driveway. Small pink flowers bloom in the spring and attract pollinators from far and wide. Red maples produce large quantities of samaras or “helicopters” which can be a nuisance as they clog gutters and drains but they can also be used to grow new saplings. 

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