Get Rid Of Nuisance Weeds and Plants with Weed Control Services

Weed Control

Weeds come in various types such as: dandelions, clovers, thistles, broad leafs, crabgrass, nutsedge and violets. Weeds can interfere and compete with productive, healthy grass and cause an unsightly appearance – and in some cases destructive damage. These nuisance plants spar with grass for space, nutrients, water and light in your lawn. Request a free quote today.

Lawn Management

Keeping ahead of any weed growth is fundamental to having a healthy lawn and a weedfree property. Showcase Lawn Works has a proven approach to guaranteeing an end to your weed problems. Weed control treatments are applied on your lawn with every application of rounds two through five of our lawn care program. (Temperatures need to be above 50 degrees for weeds to be sprayed.) Some weeds are easier to eliminate than others. For example, dandelions and clovers are some of the easiest weeds to eradicate. On the other hand, thistles and crabgrass are more stubborn and are harder to stamp out. Another formidable foe is violets, which can take years to get rid of, because of the wax coating on their leaves. For the best outcome of ridding your lawn of violets, have them treated in the early spring or late in the fall. Even when treatments are being applied, weeds can be controlled but not necessarily completely eliminated due to the thousands of weed seeds underground. If you stop your lawn care treatment program, your lawn will revert back to the original form of wild weeds and grass.


Because weeds germinate at different times throughout the summer, being consistent with your lawn care program treatments is essential. Weeds vary in their competitive abilities according to conditions and seasons. With thousands of weed seeds laying under the ground’s surface waiting for the right temperature, rain, and sun to germinate, it is paramount for treatments (rounds one through five) to be applied as scheduled. Although there are no preventive products available to prevent broadleaf weeds, weeds can be treated and killed when they are present. Showcase Lawn Works stands by its Weed Free Guarantee for full lawn care program customers. If you experience any weed problems, we will come out, in between our regularly scheduled visits, if necessary, to correct the issue, free of charge.

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