You Can Help Prevent Crabgrass With a Healthy Lawn

Weeds! Every home or business owner’s worst nightmare! Like a red spot on a white carpet, they stand out, screaming to us. They stick out like a sore thumb and make us cringe every time they poke their ugly heads into our plush green lawn. Here in Pennsylvania, with our cold winters and hot, humid summers, we have our fair share. Some of the most common include:

close up of wild violets weed

One, in particular, that taunts us year after year is unappealing crabgrass. Even in the most optimal growing conditions, crabgrass can get out of control.

When Does Crabgrass Emerge In Pennsylvania?

Here in eastern Pennsylvania, crabgrass begins to emerge with spring. Seeds start to germinate when your soil has reached a balmy temperature of at least 55 to 60 degrees for a whole full week. While our seasons vary year to year, pending what mood mother nature is in, this year, it has come early, and for most of us, crabgrass has already begun.

Why is Crabgrass Such a Nuisance?

Crabgrass is a rapid grower and crowds out the good grass, taking the nutrients and sunlight your actual turfgrass needs. It grows close to the ground, and its stems extend out like a crab. Not only does this make it unappealing, but it is also an opportunistic plant and will take up space anywhere it can. You have probably seen crabgrass growing in cracks along your sidewalk, driveway, and anywhere there is space. While it is annual and dies every winter, during the time it is alive, it germinates and spreads around a vasts number of seeds ensuring it will bounce back when spring arrives again.

Can I Prevent Crabgrass From Taking Over My Lawn?

Crabgrass is often found in thin lawns or patches of your turf that insects or diseases may have damaged. Most healthy lawns can resist severe crabgrass infestations. Any open space can be quickly monopolized by crabgrass in late summer when the sun is at full impact. Therefore the best way to prevent crabgrass from taking over your lawn is through proper maintenance and care. Investing in a lawn care maintenance plan that includes fertilization, weed, and insect control can go a long way toward protecting your lawn from various problems, including a crabgrass infestation.

crab grass on lawn

Protect and Prevent Crabgrass With Showcase Lawn Works Lawn Care Program

At Showcase Lawn Works, we provide a comprehensive, six-step lawn care program with crabgrass control built right into it. Our six treatments spaced out every four to six weeks begin in early spring and last through late summer. On visit one, we include pre-emergent crabgrass control to help prevent this vial weed and other broadleaf weeds from germinating. On visit two in we include crabgrass control herbicide to counteract any crabgrass that has already started growing.

Our highly effective lawn care program also includes a balanced slow-release fertilizer to help your turf remain nourished and a strong spot weed control to target those hard to eliminate weeds. With the best prevention being a well-maintained lawn, utilizing our lawn care program will give you double protection against the chance that a crabgrass infestation will take over. Contact us now by phone at 717-354-3226 or fill out our form online.

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