Fall Pest Prevention For Pennsylvania Homes

You have spent the summer fighting weeds and mosquitoes, but summer is over, and fall pests are a new threat you have to contend with. As the weather cools, insects and rodents will be seeking out warm places to overwinter. Insects and rodents usually find their own places to overwinter in trees, under logs, or underground. However, when there are better options available, such as your cozy home, they will take the opportunity.

man holding trimmers trimming tree

Trim Your Trees and Bushes Away From Your Hose

Tees and bushes can act as a bridge for pests. Squirrels, especially, can easily hop onto the roof of your house from a low hanging branch. From there, they can chew through rotten wood and get into your attic and crawl spaces. Make sure that all branches are trimmed far enough away from your house that squirrels cannot jump to your roof.

Repair Your Screens

Despite their intended purpose to keep insects out, screens can be the main entry point for a number of fall pests. In the fall, many pests will congregate on the sunny side of your home and other buildings trying to stay warm. This is why it’s so important to make sure your screens are in good repair more so than any other part of the year.

Keep Firewood Away From Buildings

As winter approaches, there’s one thing we can look forward to; a cozy fire and a cup of hot chocolate. Some homeowners bring their woodpiles closer to the house or even into their garages. This is a big mistake. Firewood is home to many different insects that have found it an ideal place to spend the winter. When you bring firewood into your garage or into your home, the warmth will cause the insects to become active and disperse throughout your home. The ideal place to safely store your firewood is twenty feet away from any building.

Check Your Moisture

Whether it’s condensation on your pipes or a slow leak, moisture attracts pests. Over time that moisture can weaken boards and cause even more damage. Pests like carpenter ants and termites are attracted to damp would and can cause even more damage. Go around and check your basement, attic, and crawl spaces for moisture or signs of pest activity.

jars of stored food

Store Food Properly

Food is another way pests are attracted to your home, and your kitchen is the number one place to find pests like ants, cockroaches, and pantry pests. To make sure you aren’t inviting pests to dinner:

  • Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink.
  • Take out the trash.
  • Don’t leave pet food out overnight.
  • Put cereals and grains in plastic containers.
  • Store fruit in the fridge.

Call The Pest Specialists At Showcase Lawn Works

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