Fall Pest Prevention: Keep the Pests Away This Holiday Season

Keeping your home pest-free isn’t just a spring and summertime chore. The fall is an important time for pests like ants, crickets, spiders, and cockroaches. As temperatures plunge, pests look for a warm winter home to hole up in. Here are a few fall pest prevention tips to keep pests from invading your home this holiday season.

Seal Your Home

The first step in fall pest prevention is turning your home in a virtual Fort Knox. If you can manage to reduce the population of incoming pests, it’ll make your interior pest control that much easier. Here are a few tips for sealing your home and preventing a fall pest infestation.

Check Your Foundation

When it comes to sealing off your home, the best place to start is at the foundation. In the fall, it’s a good idea to walk around your foundation, checking for any spots that may be vulnerable to a pest invasion. A few key places include spots where plumbing or electrical lines enter the home. Check for cracks and gaps around your foundation, sealing everything up before pests like spiders, ants, termites, and centipedes find their way in.

Check Your Windows and Doors

The next step in sealing off your home is to focus on your windows and doors. By now, I’m sure you’ve started to notice bugs like the multicolored Asian lady beetle, brown marmorated stink bug, or boxelder bug starting to collect near your windows and doors. Unless you want them to make their way inside, you’ll want to ensure your windows and doors are sealed tight.

Keep opportunistic pests out of your home by properly sealing your windows and doors. Check for gaps or cracks around your windows and doors, sealing them with caulk when necessary. Check for any damage to your screens and either repair or replace them. These measures will help seal your home and reduce the population of pests getting inside.

Check Your Roof and Gutters

An excellent fall pest prevention tip is to clean out your gutters so you can avoid a mosquito infestation in the spring here in Lancaster, PA.
The last step in sealing off your home is checking your roof and gutters. Look around for any damaged shingles where daring pests may try to get it. Look for any gaps or holes while you’re up there too and make any repairs as necessary. While you’re up there, clean out those gutters. A clogged gutter is a favorite place for mosquitoes to lay their last eggs of the year to overwinter until spring. Clean out your gutters to make your spring and summer mosquito control that much easier.

Make Your Home Inhospitable

Now that your home is sealed off from the oncoming pest invasion, it’s time to clear out the rabble that is already inside. You can effectively reduce the population of pests in your home with just a couple of strategies. Cleaning up and properly storing your food along with reducing any excess water or moisture around your home is enough to decimate the number of pests in your home.

Clean Up Your Food

Avoid an ant infestation in your Lancaster, PA home this fall with these fall pest prevention tips.
Ants and cockroaches are two of the most annoying pests infesting our homes this fall and winter, and they love living off our leftovers. They can be found marching across kitchen floors or scurrying behind that cereal box in your pantry. If you can reduce the amount of food waste around your home, you’ll be able to starve these opportunistic pests out.

Check the areas in your home where you and your family are regularly eating. Look around your kitchen, in the pantry and cupboards, for any easy opportunities for hungry insects. Clean up any crumbs or spills and make sure your leftovers are properly sealed in tight-fitting containers. Remove your trash every day and keep it in a sealed container far from any entrances. If you have pets, make sure you pick up their food at the end of every day and keep it stored.

Watch for Excess Water

Finally, it’s time to turn your home into a desert. Pests are usually able to go several days (or even weeks) without food, but they all need a regular supply of water. If you can reduce the amount of free water in your home, you’ll be able to drastically reduce the number of current and future pests in your home.

The key spots to check are the kitchen, bathroom, basement, attic, and crawlspace. Make sure you check under sinks and repair any leaky pipes. Pests like cockroaches, centipedes, and millipedes love damp areas like the basement. Using a dehumidifier in damp areas will help you manage the moisture and reduce the pest population.

Call the Pros at Showcase Lawn Works

These tips are going to help you manage pest populations in and around your home, but it is still a good idea to call in the professionals. Here at Showcase Lawn Works, we have a perimeter pest control service that creates a protective barrier against fall pest invasions. Keep ants, spiders, crickets, and more out of your home by calling in the pros.

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