Spring Lawn Care in Pennsylvania: The First Step to a Healthy Lawn

With spring upon us, we can use this time as a brand new slate for your lawn care. Spring lawn care is the first step to a healthy lawn this year. With proper timing and the right strategy, you can give your lawn the best opportunity to thrive. Here are a few things to add to your spring lawn care list.

Do Some Spring Clean-Up Around the Lawn

Keeping the lawn clean is an easy way to benefit your lawn. Lawn debris piles up throughout the winter. Whether it’s leftover leaves from the fall or broken branches from the winter winds, lawn debris is a problem. This litter provides the best environment for lawn diseases and fungi to fester. They’re also great hiding places for opportunistic pests. The bottom line is a cleaner lawn is a healthier lawn.

Remove any and all debris from the lawn, giving the grass unobstructed access to sunlight and air. Go over the lawn with a rake to loosen up any excess thatch and break up any matted-down grass. Raking the lawn gives the grass easier access to airflow, allowing it to dry out quickly and avoid lawn diseases and fungi.

Spring Weed Prevention

Keep chickweed and other invasive weeds out of your Pennsylvania lawn with spring lawn care services from Showcase Lawn Works.

Next, we need to get control of the weeds. Weeds are some of the most persistent and damaging threats to the lawn all year long. They sap the resources and nutrients from the soil in your lawn, making it more difficult for the grass to get everything it needs. These ugly plants cause nothing but stress and damage to the lawn, making it easier for pests, diseases, and fungi to take advantage. That’s why weed control needs to be part of your spring lawn care.

Spring weed control begins before the weeds have even sprouted. Pre-emergent herbicides create a barrier in your soil, preventing weed seeds from sprouting. While it doesn’t work for 100% of the weeds, pre-emergent weed control dramatically reduces the number of weeds invading your lawn this spring. Spring weed control gives the grass easier access to everything it needs, ensuring your lawn starts the year healthy. By getting control of the weeds now, you set yourself for a much easier time in the summer and fall. For consistent control throughout the year, find weed control services near you.

Pennsylvania Weeds to Watch for:

  • Dandelion
  • Henbit
  • Crabgrass
  • Shepherd’s Purse
  • Groundsel
  • Common Chickweed

Set Up Your Sprinkler System

The next thing that your lawn is going to need this spring is water. Giving the lawn a consistent irrigation schedule allows the lawn to grow in strong, lush, and green. A sprinkler system is the best way to give your lawn the water it needs, when it needs it. Here in Pennsylvania, we have to winterize the sprinkler system in the fall to avoid damage from the cold of winter. After the last frost of the year, start up your sprinkler system one zone at a time. Monitor for consistent and even watering and check for any damage sustained over the winter.

Once your sprinkler system is started up, set the schedule. Make sure you only water in the early morning because the excess water needs time to dry. If you water too late in the day and the grass doesn’t have time to dry before night, then you’re just asking for a lawn disease of fungal infection.

Spring Mosquito Prevention

The mosquitoes are coming. We all hate it, but that’s the reality of spring: the mosquitoes return. It seems like these nasty pests get worse every year, spreading diseases like West Nile virus and Eastern equine encephalitis. Including a mosquito prevention strategy in your spring lawn care is the best way to get control early.

The best thing to do for mosquito prevention this spring is to attack them where they breed. Mosquitoes lay their eggs wherever they find standing water. In seven days, those eggs hatch and develop into adults. Early and consistent care can help reduce the number of mosquitoes in your lawn now and in the future. Walk around the lawn, looking for anything that can hold water. By dumping out any standing water that you find, you reduce the number of places where mosquitoes can lay their eggs. This results in fewer future mosquitoes. You can boost these efforts by investing in mosquito control services near you.

Showcase Lawn Works can Help With Your Spring Lawn Care

If you want to ensure your Pennsylvania lawn has the best spring possible, then it’s time to invest in lawn care services near you. Here at Showcase Lawn Works, we have the experience, expertise, and custom lawn care programs to ensure every lawn gets the care it needs. Trust your spring lawn care and mosquito control to the pros at Showcase Lawn Works.

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