3 Best Lawn Care Goals to Make for the New Year

The New Year is all about making goals. So, this year, let’s focus on the lawn. Keeping your lawn healthy ensures your lawn stays beautiful throughout the year. Here are the 3 best lawn care goals to make in 2020 and how to achieve them.

Get On a Lawn Fertilizer Schedule

Fertilizing your lawn is one of the best lawn care goals.
If a lawn doesn’t have the nutrients it needs, it’s health will decline over the year and it’ll be open to a medley of lawn problems. Malnourished lawns are prone to lawn diseases, fungi, pests, and weeds. The best way to ensure your lawn stays healthy all year is by getting on a lawn fertilization schedule.

Our Pennsylvania lawns have very different needs, depending on the season. By giving your lawn the right fertilizer in the right season, you can set your lawn up to thrive this year. Start with a spring fertilizer to help the lawn wake up after the long winter. Follow that up in the summer with fertilizer that helps the lawn deal with the summer stress brought on by high temperatures and drought conditions. In the fall, give your lawn a fertilizer that boosts root growth to help the lawn stockpile nutrients and strengthen itself before the winter.

The best way to make sure your lawn gets what it needs when it needs it is by investing in a lawn care program from Showcase Lawn Works.

Keep Your Lawn Stress-Free With Weed Control

Proper weed control will help eliminate invasive weeds like henbit from your lawn, making a weed-free lawn a great lawn care goal to have.
The next of our 3 best lawn care goals for the new year is to stay persistent with your weed control. Keeping weeds from invading and taking over your lawn is a tough job that never seems to end. Unfortunately, it’s essential to keep the weeds out of your lawn. Weeds rob the soil of the vital nutrients, damaging your grass. They also force the grass to compete for water, space, and sunlight. In the end, weeds hurt the overall health of your lawn and leave it open to pests, disease, and fungi.

The perfect weed control plan starts in the early spring before the first weeds have even sprouted. Use a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent the first weed seeds from germinating. With the first wave of weeds out of the way, you can focus on spot-treatment. Use post-emergent herbicides in the spring and summer to prevent weeds from getting a foothold in your lawn. Finally, use broadleaf weed control in the fall to beat the second bloom and keep your lawn weed-free into the winter.

Investing in a lawn care program from Showcase Lawn Works is a great way to keep control of the weeds throughout the year.

Aerate Your Lawn

Finally, one of the best lawn care goals to make in 2020 is to aerate your lawn. Throughout the year, our lawns get worn out. Heavy traffic from playing, mowing, and entertaining result in hard, compacted soil. If you start to notice water run-off or pooling water in your lawn, then it’s likely that you have soil compaction. Luckily, aeration can take care of it.

Aeration is the lawn service where an aerator is used to pull out small cores of compacted soil throughout your entire lawn. The service looks like it would hurt the lawn, leaving it full of little holes, but it’s actually one of the best services to do. By pulling out the cores of compacted soil, you’re freeing up the roots to grow deep and spread out. It also opens the soil up, allowing water and nutrients to reach down to the roots. Aeration is a once-per-year service that you shouldn’t skip.

Showcase Lawn Works Can Help With Your 2020 Lawn Care Goals

Don’t let your lawn suffer this year, set your lawn care goals for 2020 and let us help you follow through. The experts here at Showcase Lawn Works have the experience and services necessary to boost the health of your lawn. Invest in a lawn care program this year and get signed up for your aeration service as soon as possible.

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